About Us

Hi, my name is Claudie and I'm the girl behind the Mylo shop, and jewelry passionate. 

I started my own business because I always find that when I shop for jewelry the items I wanted were always available in gold and not silver, that is why ALL the jewelry available on my website is always in both colours. It's not because I'm more of a silver girl that I shouldn't find any fashionable pieces.

As a lazy person I wanted to make sure the quality of my jewelry can resist anything and be affordable that's why stainless steel was an obvious choice for me.

As far as I remember I always wanted to wear jewelry, which could be as toys when I was younger or in high school to personalize my boring uniform. At a certain point in my life, I wanted to start a side hustle to keep me busy, and god I couldn't be more right. I am now very busy, in a good way.

A little bit of background, I worked many years in retail in different stores, while studying in business school and now look at me, you are on my very own website. I truly appreciate that you took some time to look into my brand and if you read all this, here is 10% off with the code TMS10.